Our mission for better on-site communication


PLINX is pleased to announce a new partnership with Mission Room – a leading supplier of large interactive display systems for teams – so that site managers can use the PLINX Affect platform to improve worker consultation and briefing impacts. Mission Room will be demonstrating the power of this partnership live on their stand DE40 at Digital Construction Week 2022.

Memorable team briefings are one of the main pillars of health and safety management on construction sites. 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual so it’s not surprising that visual communication tools can really help workers listen and remember information regarding hazard zoning on site.

“90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual”

With the PLINX Affect platform site managers have a site-wide view of hazard zones, can control access easily and visualise problems before they occur. It’s not a huge leap to realise that sharing that view with workers provides an opportunity for enhanced engagement on hazard zone and risk management.

PLINX transforms how customers manage access control “past the turnstile” and instantly improves safety by alerting workers or machine operators when they are in an unauthorised zone through their hard-hat-mounted TeamTag. In addition, PLINX provides long term behavioural insights from a mass of location and proximity data – helping to drive better processes and design.

“PLINX transforms how customers manage access control”

The biggest reduction of hazard zone interactions on site is through effective communication of site design and hazards associated with planned work, but PLINX has observed that not all sites/contractors have the tools to deliver enough information during the short morning briefing.

Mission Room offers a solution to this problem thorough an interactive system which brings the PLINX Affect map to life. Using PLINX on Mission Room means you can simultaneously display the identified hazard zones alongside associated information across three 3m screens – giving your team with greater context and enabling them to be more aware of risk when they are out on site.

“Simultaneously display the identified hazard zones alongside associated information”

The two systems can be used together to:

  • Collaboratively plan your zones around a drawing or drone survey.
  • Deliver interactive briefing sessions, highlighting risks prior to work.
  • Offering a forum to mark-up risks/errors that have been spotted on site.
  • Display desensitised data, highlighting unauthorised zone entrances.

Mission Room will be demonstrating the PLINX system on screens at Digital Construction Week 2022, showing how different data types can be linked to the PLINX Affect map to provide a better understanding of risk associated with each zone. Mission Room will link 360 degree images and risk assessments to the pre-drawn zones on the map.

Check out Mission Room’s website

or come and have a go at this year’s Digital Construction week