Data now, for decisions later.


Digital technologies are disruptive. They have the power to break and remake business models, reshape definitions of value in markets, and feed learnings back into future projects that can present new business opportunities. 

“Our aim is to build safer and more connected environments, for construction companies to deliver projects on time and with zero harm.”

Combining data from a range of sources, can help contractors mitigate uncertainty in project pipelines. Contractors are given the information to invest in specific opportunities with a far greater degree of confidence. All processes will be enabled by digital systems and produce data on a real-time basis. Decisions led by science will allow contractors to gain greater understanding of how assets are used. 

Bringing key parties together across the full project lifecycle does not just drive efficiency; it also results in better quality buildings and infrastructure. Digital technologies improve collaboration, allowing everyone on the team to access the same data in real time. The result is more predictable, streamlined construction. Connectivity also makes it easier to facilitate changes more quickly, and to develop new safety and security advancements. This combined approach results in better quality buildings and infrastructure for clients and end users. 

Using the right tech recipe is key in building an optimised construction site. While there are numerous technologies and techniques to select from, using the right combination to develop scaled, centralised solutions will determine the right “tech cocktail”. 

“Our aim is to build safer and more connected environments, for construction companies to deliver projects on time and with zero harm. The technology we have built is designed to predict hazards in unpredictable environments; by reducing the impact of injury, fatality or contagious disease on construction sites through effective digital management of hazards. We want to be at the heart of the connected construction site; building our presence alongside other digital construction disruptors, and creating a better environment for construction companies to develop.”

Matt Young, Head of Sales at PLINX.

In summary, harvesting data now means the construction industry will be able to make more confident decisions in the future. The element of risk is reduced with the rise of patterns and visual data given every decision a rational outcome, tied back to the story the data is telling us. What is the outcome? Quite simply a safer, more connected, and proactive site, realising cost savings across in 2021 and beyond.