Plinx senses opportunity at health and safety event


Technology developed at Worcestershire technology accelerator BetaDen, which has been mandated for use across an 80km stretch of the HS2 construction site, will be showcased at the NEC in September as part of a national Health and Safety Event (7-8 September) 

Plinx, was a founder member of cohort 2 at BetaDen, will showcase its fully-integrated Protect, Connect, Effect system at the show, which uses sensors and private networks to make workers and machinery operators aware of changing site hazards in real time, reducing the likelihood of collisions or other accidents. 

“We believe our new system is the industry’s first truly-interconnected digital safety solution.”

Matt Young, Head of Growth at Malvern-based Plinx, said: “Plinx has been extremely well received by the construction sector since we developed the technology at BetaDen and, through our experience working with HS2, we’ve now been able identify a number of additional features that will add real value on site. 

“We believe our new system is the industry’s first truly-interconnected digital safety solution.”

“By combining a highly-portable, secure private network that works well in both open and remote environments – such as tunnels – with real-time location data drawn from helmet-mounted sensors and tags installed on site hazards and machinery, we can alert workers to changing dangers and reduce the likelihood of collisions and other on-site accidents.” 

“Plinx has developed an impressive solution to an industry-wide challenge”

As well as alerting workers to live hazards, Plinx’s system can also be used to create and monitor digital hazard zones, providing visual and audible feedback should an operative accidentally approach or breach a key zone, depending on their role or responsibility. These hazard zones can be tracked as part of existing working practices, helping managers identify potential risks and providing important data to inform site and project planning. 

Linda Smith, founder and CEO at BetaDen, said: “It’s fantastic to see Plinx continuing to make  strides since their time at BetaDen. As a commercial technology accelerator, our focus is on helping businesses develop technology that solves real world problems, strengthening commercial relationships and building their business by delivering solutions that add genuine value. 

“Plinx has developed an impressive solution to an industry-wide challenge and we’re looking forward to watching their business go from strength to strength.”